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ipod, Iphone,and now iphone 3G,internet-world is changing at fast rate

Apple launched iphone in 2007, and it changed the total outlook how the cellphone can be so different . Before iphone, Apple revolutionized the Music Market with ipod, still the best way you can take your music on the go. But real convergence comes in with the launch of iphone , bringing together music and cellphone which are indespensible for today`s generation.

Apple has also brought the most sought after Touch interface in cellphones , which has revolutionized the O.S. of Cellphones. Most of the biggest names are introducing Touch sensitive Devices to their portfolio to keep up the competition fuelled by Apple. Even the biggest name in Business Cellphones-Blackberry is coming up with Touch Interface.

Iphone was lagging behind a bit because of absence of 3G , which now has been addressed by Apple with the launch of 3G iphone and that too at half the price.

Now about the product, it is coming with 3g wireless technology, supporting enterprise features like Microsoft Exchange, GPS mapping, internet device with rich HTML email and desk top class webbrowser.

Just one complaint, think of a replacable battery. STILL THIS IS THE BEST GADGET ONE CAN HAVE.

For More Details visit http://www.apple.com/iphone/features/

Go run for the nearest store before it goes out of stock. Or better go at your favourite online store and and order yourself iphone 3G.


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