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Blackberry Today ! Will Blackberry survive the smartphone war

Hi All,

Since few years Blackberry sales are slowly going down after mainly the launch of touch screen phones, the main trend started by iPhone. Although recently Blackberry has been widely accepted in Asian countries and specially the BBM is attracting the youth, but slowly the in corporate circle it is loosing its sheen. Though I have been a Blackberry user since 2009 I have not been able to change it because of it`s email and BBM features which I feel are still the best and secondly I like its keyboard(querty) which has become my favourite as it very easy to type long emails and text messages.

In recent years Blackberry has also bought touch screen phones like Storm and then Torch and most recent Bold 4 which has both querty keyboard and touch screen. In Asian countries blackberry launched its Curve model which became instant hit as it was low cost and served all the purposes like email and BBM. The college going crowd is now buying this as BBM keeps the friends connected and messaging is free once they get the Blackberry Plan activated.

The applications in Blackberry are also there but the numbers of them are nothing compared to android OR iPhone Apps, though the useful ones are almost all there and Blackberry is working hard to bring more and more applications but I think still it is quiet behind the competition. Lots of applications are free and useful also, but please check reviews of the paid apps before buying them.

Now after all the competition Blackberry has to come up with a phone which should be able to compete with the current players in Cell Phone Industry, Blackberry we love you and are waiting for you to give us a phone which can beat up the androids which I didn`t like personally.


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