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Blackberry Today ! Will Blackberry survive the smartphone war

Hi All,

Since few years Blackberry sales are slowly going down after mainly the launch of touch screen phones, the main trend started by iPhone. Although recently Blackberry has been widely accepted in Asian countries and specially the BBM is attracting the youth, but slowly the in corporate circle it is loosing its sheen. Though I have been a Blackberry user since 2009 I have not been able to change it because of it`s email and BBM features which I feel are still the best and secondly I like its keyboard(querty) which has become my favourite as it very easy to type long emails and text messages.

In recent years Blackberry has also bought touch screen phones like Storm and then Torch and most recent Bold 4 which has both querty keyboard and touch screen. In Asian countries blackberry launched its Curve model which became instant hit as it was low cost and served all the purposes like email and BBM. The college going crowd is now buying this as BBM keeps the friends connected and messaging is free once they get the Blackberry Plan activated.

The applications in Blackberry are also there but the numbers of them are nothing compared to android OR iPhone Apps, though the useful ones are almost all there and Blackberry is working hard to bring more and more applications but I think still it is quiet behind the competition. Lots of applications are free and useful also, but please check reviews of the paid apps before buying them.

Now after all the competition Blackberry has to come up with a phone which should be able to compete with the current players in Cell Phone Industry, Blackberry we love you and are waiting for you to give us a phone which can beat up the androids which I didn`t like personally.


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ipod, Iphone,and now iphone 3G,internet-world is changing at fast rate

Apple launched iphone in 2007, and it changed the total outlook how the cellphone can be so different . Before iphone, Apple revolutionized the Music Market with ipod, still the best way you can take your music on the go. But real convergence comes in with the launch of iphone , bringing together music and cellphone which are indespensible for today`s generation.

Apple has also brought the most sought after Touch interface in cellphones , which has revolutionized the O.S. of Cellphones. Most of the biggest names are introducing Touch sensitive Devices to their portfolio to keep up the competition fuelled by Apple. Even the biggest name in Business Cellphones-Blackberry is coming up with Touch Interface.

Iphone was lagging behind a bit because of absence of 3G , which now has been addressed by Apple with the launch of 3G iphone and that too at half the price.

Now about the product, it is coming with 3g wireless technology, supporting enterprise features like Microsoft Exchange, GPS mapping, internet device with rich HTML email and desk top class webbrowser.

Just one complaint, think of a replacable battery. STILL THIS IS THE BEST GADGET ONE CAN HAVE.

For More Details visit http://www.apple.com/iphone/features/

Go run for the nearest store before it goes out of stock. Or better go at your favourite online store and and order yourself iphone 3G.

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Nokia N 96 16GB-Mini Computer or a Cellphone

Nokia N96 16GB

After breakthrough sucess of Nokia 95 , Nokia has Launched Nokia N 96. It is a tecnological marvel. It`s features and specifications puts shame to mini computers. It has a fast processor and memory of 16 GB, a screen of 2.8 inches (16 m colours), 3.5mm jack for music , 5 megapixel with Carl Zeiss Lens and optical zoom camera for enthusiasts and even professionals for a quick shot, Querty keyboard good for business users and youngsters for sending sms and email, Office document viewer,Stereo FM Radio with RDS to entertain at odd times,Practically unlimited phonebook entries and fields,Polyphonic,mono,trutones and mp3 ringtones,DVB-H TV broadcast receiver to keep You entertained.GPRS Class 32, 107 / 64.2 kbps , HSCSD,EDGE Class 32, 296 kbps; DTM Class 11, 177 kbps 3G HSDPA, 3.6 Mbps WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, UPnP technology.It has a long list of feature which will keep You involved.
It sports a Touchscreen, Motion Sensor and joystick navigation. Slider is two way type so gaming is enjoyable.
It is GPS enabled so you wont`t get lost.
It has along list of usefull features and after buying this one would not think of changing it very soon, it may take long for other companies to compete and bring equally competent cellphone.

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Samsung Juke Teal Phone (Verizon Wireless)

A master piece by Samsung. Or you can say a pure music phone that gives the true looks of MP3 player that makes it different from others. It give sometime looks of a phone and sometimes of MP3 player. It’s a multi-purpose phone that everybody loves to carry. Loaded with most demanding and latest features that you’re looking for a very long time. It comes with 2GB of internal memory that in which you can store up to 3000 songs, and that’s more than enough. As it gives the MP3 looks, it means you can listen to your favorite music track when ever you want to without any disturbance. It gives you the mind-blowing quality of sound that you haven’t heard in any other cell phone. It supports almost all format tracks like MP3, WMA, AAC and AAC+. It has 128 x 220 pixel 262K TFT color display on which you can work for long with stressing your eyes. It also has VGA camera that gives you a very good quality of picture. Featuring a swivel hinge that opens up 180 degrees to reveal a keypad, searching for your music play lists or contacts is convenient on the navigation thumb wheel.

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Apple Ipod Nano 8 GB

Apple is just ready with what they had thought of. Apple a prestige’s name in today’s world. They are connected to us in each and every way. Like they are connected with us in music. They just showed that what the sound means. The original mean of the music only they told us with the help of iPod NAno 8GB. iPod the cool gadget for your entertainment as well as for style. Make your jogs more interesting with it. It comes with the size of 2.75 x 2.06 x 0.26in (69.8 x 52.3 x 6.5mm) but you can watch a movie on it with lot of fun. It’s weighs just 1.74oz (49.2g) but it has that bulky features that you didn’t have thought of but Apple made it true. About what you didn’t have thought of, it has that much higher and no one can even stand in front of it. Play your favorite tracks that you love to and also can make playlists of your favorite tracks according to every mood. It supports MP3 (16 to 320 Kbps), MP3 VBR, AAC (16 to 320 Kbps), Protected AAC. It has 3.5mm stereo headphone minijack, so you will also get the best sound that you haven’t heard anywhere else. Video format it supports is H.264 video up to 1.5 Mbps, 640 x 480 pixels and with display of 2.0-inch (diagonal), 320 x 240 pixels 204 DPI you will get the superb quality of picture. It comes in damn cool colors that you love to show. As mentioned before it looks small but can do many things.

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Nokia N95 8GB Smartphone

nokia_n95_8gb_3-copy.pngNokia N95 8GB can be referred to as an updated version of the best selling original N95. This may be a bit chunky as a compared to the N95 but the new version has many changes that will make it a better mobile phone as compared to its’ predecessor. The design of this mobile phone is mesmerizing. It is surely going to become a fashion statement among all the youngsters as well as the old across the globe.
It is a great addition to the N-series introduced by Nokia. This phone has a larger screen as compared to the original N95. The users can easily view content on this phone, watch their favorite videos and browse the web. The navigation keys are present at the bottom of the screen. These keys are smaller in size and very easy to press. This phone has eliminated certain pointless media menu that appears on the screen as you slide the original N95 down. One can easily navigate the N95 8GB’s boot-up time as quickly as desired. There is no fiddly camera cover on this phone.
Now, you don’t require to worry about the camera accidentally being activated inside your pocket. The black casing of this phone looks awesome. The 8GB of on-board memory is non-expandable. It has its’ own limitations. The user requires to use the USB cable. Overall, Nokia N95 8GB is a phone worth appreciating. This phone has a lot to offer its regular users.

Available in UK at expansys.com

Available in  US at cellhut.com

Available in Australia at three.com.au

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SAMSUNG G800 TITAN GRAY (UNLOCKED) Avail at cellhut.com

samsung-g800-021.jpgPRODUCT INFORMATION:

Is it a phone, or is it a camera? Until recently, cameraphones were unquestionably still just phones with chintzy cams tacked on, but it looks like we’re finally getting to the point where the lines are truly blurred. Samsung’s new G800 slider is now official, packing a 5 megapixel autofocus camera in a rather attractive metallic form; that in itself isn’t terribly notable, considering we already have a handful of 5 megapixel handsets on the market. Really working on this phone is so easy and mind blowing.Get a grea t deal on cellhut.com

Avail at cellhut.com

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Zune 30 GB Digital Media Player (Black)

41oxzsqst1l_aa280_.jpgProduct Description

Entertainment and sharing to go. That’s the Zune 30 GB Digital Media Player. The Zune plays music and videos, displays images, and unlike the iPod, it even receives FM radio so you can stay on top of local news or sports. Designed around the principles of sharing, discovery, and community, Zune connects people and empowers them with the tools needed to share entertainment experiences. The Zune experience is centered around connection–connection to your library, friends, community, and other Zunes. It’s powered by software that allows users to manage files on the player, rip audio CDs, and buy from a wide selection of music and videos at the Zune Marketplace.

Technical Details

  • 30GB digital media player stores up to 7,500 songs, 25,000 pictures or 100 hours of video
  • Features wireless networking so you can share tracks and other media
  • 3-inch color screen features a landscape mode for video viewing
  • Compatible with Zune Marketplace for media downloads and subscriptions

 Avail at amazon.com

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sonyericsson-w910-001.jpgIt is a new cellphone from Sony Ericsson, the W910i. It is available in three colours:- Noble Black,Hearty Red and Havana Bronze. It is stunner in all colours but black one looks bit dull comparing other two.

It is a light weight phone and quite slim. It fits well in pocket. It`s glossy finish exterior makes it look elegant. It has got a large and bright screen which is visible in direct sunlight also. It is a slider phone and comes with dedicated call and end button which generally does not come with sony cellphones. Other than that there are two soft keys ,an application key which brings up the shortcut menu and the `C` key along with the large and shiny navigation pad that doubles up for music playback. It has a same shake control feature as on W580i. It is activated by pressing the walkman key and then shaking the phone, though the Walkman key seems small to me for comfort.

The slide mechanism works smoothly and the keypad under it has large and comfortable keypad with excellent tactile feedback. Being a walkman phone, audio quality is above par from both headphones as well as from speakers, Sony could easily be trusted for music no doubts about that. The W910i comes with a`Sence me’ feature that automatically sorts music by mood. To use this feature , songs must be transferred using the media manager software.

Another interesting feature is that the phone has `Motion Sensor’ and `Accelerometer’. The phone`s auto screen rotation feature and a marble game that you can play simply turning the phone left and right employ the motion sensor.

The phone is 3G capable and features a front VGA camera and a 2 mp camera at the back. Flash and autofocus is missing,sadly, .

Coming to phone usage, reception is top notch and user interface is fast. But if the music player is running in the back the speed suffers. Battery is decent.

If u need stylish phone with good music capabilities in a slim mode with tons of features , grab it.

Specifications:GSM 900/1800/1900 with GPRS and EDGE, 2 inch 240* 320 pixels TFT with 16 million colours, 30mb on board memory, micro SD slot, Bluetooth, mini USB, 700 mAh Li-ion battery, 83 gms.

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Apple iPod touch – 16GB

ipodtouch.jpgTouched by the hand of…
Few products have created as much of a buzz around the office recently as the iPod Touch. Its iPhone-style, multi-touch interface is superb, letting you flick through music, video and photos with ease, and its built-in Wi-Fi makes web-browsing a breeze.
You might think a 3.5in screen is too small for web surfing, but it’s fine: double-tap the screen to enlarge the page, or you can drag you fingers across a piece of text to enlarge it. The screen’s also reasonable for video, especially in widescreen.
As for sound quality, it’s up to Apple’s usual exemplary standards, and they’ve boosted the output, which makes it even better to use with docks. We ripped a mix of CDs in Lossless, AAC and MP3, and while the first sounds best, it eats memory (200-300 MB per album).
And there’s the rub. The Touch is available with 8GB (Rs 17,700) or 16GB of Flash memory. The 160GB Classic (Rs 20,400) has 10 times the capacity and is far better value.
Amazing looks; relatively large 3.5in widescreen; excellent sound
Limited storage capacity; prone to fingerprints; hoodies might mug you for it
If the Touch had the huge storage capacity of the Classic, it would be the perfect MP3 machine

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