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Apple iPod touch – 16GB

ipodtouch.jpgTouched by the hand of…
Few products have created as much of a buzz around the office recently as the iPod Touch. Its iPhone-style, multi-touch interface is superb, letting you flick through music, video and photos with ease, and its built-in Wi-Fi makes web-browsing a breeze.
You might think a 3.5in screen is too small for web surfing, but it’s fine: double-tap the screen to enlarge the page, or you can drag you fingers across a piece of text to enlarge it. The screen’s also reasonable for video, especially in widescreen.
As for sound quality, it’s up to Apple’s usual exemplary standards, and they’ve boosted the output, which makes it even better to use with docks. We ripped a mix of CDs in Lossless, AAC and MP3, and while the first sounds best, it eats memory (200-300 MB per album).
And there’s the rub. The Touch is available with 8GB (Rs 17,700) or 16GB of Flash memory. The 160GB Classic (Rs 20,400) has 10 times the capacity and is far better value.
Amazing looks; relatively large 3.5in widescreen; excellent sound
Limited storage capacity; prone to fingerprints; hoodies might mug you for it
If the Touch had the huge storage capacity of the Classic, it would be the perfect MP3 machine


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